As Exciting as the Birth of your First Child

Whilst it might not be the birth of your first child the Video Financial Modelling Blog launch will be just as exciting… Well maybe not that exciting. We’ll let you decided.

The Blog’s Diet

The Video Financial Modelling team will be feeding the Blog with a large quantity of free content including:

  • training on Excel spreadsheet development;
  • financial modelling training;
  • corporate and project finance concepts;
  • financial news;
  • Excel tips and tricks; and
  • much, much more.

Doesn’t that sound appetising?

We want your opinion!

To ensure that the Blog has the content you want, we welcome any advice, general comments and questions. These can be provided by you through the following feedback mechanisms:

  • Blog comments – Write a comment on any Blog article. The posts are regularly checked. Also follow our blog feed to keep up to date with our activities.
  • Twitter – We check in with our followers on Twitter regularly. This ensures that we are informed about what is relevant to you. Join our Twitter page at VFMTweet.
  • YouTube – Check out and provide us with feedback at our YouTube Channel which provides a number of short Excel videos and demonstrations.
  • Email us – Do it the old fashioned way and email us at or

So what do you think? Is it as exciting as the birth of your first child?

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