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Modelling an Arrangement Fee Circularity

Ok, in project finance deals you’re going to come across a particularly circularity around calculating senior debt arrangement fees. This blog tutorial will focus on how to model this circularity. What is an Excel circularity? In basic terms an Excel circularity is where a calculation refers to itself. In Excel you can allow circularities and [...]

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Naming Cells and Ranges in Excel

At Video Financial Modelling we like to keep up to date with opinions of other financial modelling and Excel professionals. We had a quick look at an article http://www.fimodo.com/2009/08/3-approaches-to-avoid-complex-off-sheet-references/ which fimodo produced regarding off-sheet references. Whilst fimodo is great and has a lot of fantastic articles, we tended to disagree with the extensive use of [...]

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5 Must Know Excel Charting Tips

This is a quick video blog tutorial showing you some of the must know Excel charting tips. You can follow on with some examples by opening both the above Excel spreadsheet and the video tutorial. Tip 1: F11 to quickly chart Simply select data and then press F11 to chart the data. You can also [...]

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Checks and Balances – Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting

What is conditional formatting? Conditional formatting in Excel ensures cells are formatted based on certain criteria. For example if we have a cell is equal to “No” and we want to colour all cells equal to “No” red, then we can do this using conditional formatting. Why use it in financial modelling? There are a [...]

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Mini-Perms in Project Finance

In this blog tutorial the Video Financial Modelling team dives into the world of mini-perms. And no we are talking about those 80’s hairstyles. What are Mini-Perms? Mini-perms are lending instruments which are intended to be refinanced out after a short timeframe usually 5-7 years. A number of project finance and PFI deals have been [...]

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