5 Must Know Excel Charting Tips

This is a quick video blog tutorial showing you some of the must know Excel charting tips. You can follow on with some examples by opening both the above Excel spreadsheet and the video tutorial.

Tip 1: F11 to quickly chart

Simply select data and then press F11 to chart the data. You can also select multiple rows by holding down the CTRL key down.

Tip 2: F4 redo

How many times do you have to change the formatting such as font sizes on a chart? Well this is a handy tip. Simply change the size of the font on one axis, then select another the other axis font and press F4. This will redo the previous action and change the size of this font.

Tip 3: Putting another axis on a chart

This is an easy one. Simply select the data on the chart which you want to put on the second axis. Then select Layout, Format Selection and Secondary Axis.

Tip 4: Adding a dynamic title

Once you have a chart, simply select the chart, press Layout, Chart Title then = the cell with the data label.

Tip 5: Adding new data to a chart

Now this is a great little tip. To add new data to an existing chart, simply select the data, press CTRL+c to copy the data, then select the chart and push CTRL+v to paste. It is that simple.
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    Thank you very much. All the tips are very helps.

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