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“I would recommend – with no hesitation – VFM to any professional seeking efficient training on project finance modelling. VFM’s Advanced Toll Road Model course has been extremely useful for me, as it combines a comprehensive view of project finance in the area of toll roads with a very hands-on approach that helps to structure the model in an intuitive manner. Not only the step-by-step videos are clear and easy to follow, but also the availability of the staff to solve specific doubts on the model has made it the most useful modelling course I have been enrolled in.”


“I had some prior experience with PF models and was looking for a more advanced training course. I found the VFM advanced training course very useful and totally recommend it to others interested to improve their modelling skills.”

Zara Riahi

“I’ve taken the Greenfiled Toll Road advanced course. Fantastic course and 100% worth the money I invested. I know nothing about project finance modelling before I came into this course. I studied this course for about 7 solid days to prepare for my job interview (a modelling test) for project finance modelling job (which I had no experience at all), and I passed the test without any difficulty! Most important of all, the employer was amazed with my ability and methodology I used in the modelling test. I got the job offer finally! I’ve been working on this job now for almost 1 month and I am using every single skill/knowledge I learned from this course every day! I’d strongly recommend to anyone who seriously want to know how to make project financing model from scratch! The best thing about video financial modelling is that you can re-watch it over and over again with no incremental cost if you don’t understand it.”

Jason Lu

“Advanced Project Finance Training – Toll Road Your video training is outstanding, you clearly know your subject matter very well. I purchased a AUD$300 book and it was a complete waste of money, it was the only training book I could find on the topic anywhere. Your videos are great.”

Ashley M

“Advanced Project Finance Training – Toll Road I found the course very informative, and the videos move a pace that would benefit beginner, intermediate and advanced modellers. The video format offers an obvious advantage over traditional textbook or PDF tutorials, giving the user the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering a career in project finance, particularly if they’re pursuing projects in the toll road sector.”

Ben S

“I enjoyed the intermediate Greenfield Toll Road training course and thought it was great value for money.”

Graeme Green

“The 60 minutes of creating a simple project finance model was great as it was the first time I myself made a fully functional financial model.Thank you very much.”

Amit Garg

About Video Financial Modelling

Much like multi-day seminars Video Financial Modelling’s Excel and financial modelling training courses are “hands-on” with users learning concepts by building Excel spreadsheets and financial models from scratch. The Video Financial Modelling team has found this hands-on approach crucial in the rapid development and consolidation of Excel and financial modelling skills.

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